The Cord Cutting Technique
- an easy way to reach emotional freedom, by phil chave

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Find Relief from the Pain of Emotional Trauma
The Cord Cutting Technique for Emotional Pain and Trauma
A Self Help Technique for Ultimate Relationship Healing
Cutting the Negative Cords of Attachment - For Good!
Find Relief from the Pain of Emotional Trauma

Find Relief from the Pain of Emotional Trauma Rapid, Healing, Easy, Permanent, Remarkable and Profound

That's how I would describe The Cord Cutting Technique. The reason I can say that is simply because of the number of times I have seen rapid, easy, reliable, permanent change in people who have taken this exercise, either by CD or on the couch in practice, and seen quality improvements in their lives and relationships.

Change the emotional content of your life - forever!
Change the quality and experience of your life - immediately.

That's the promise of The Cord Cutting Technique. The fact that you believed something in the past, does not make it true now. There is no greater fallacy than allowing a negative pattern of behaviour from the past to dictate what you think, feel, do and believe now. But we do it all the time. We call it our 'Writing on the Wall'.

A cord of attachment is an energy link between two people that bridges a connection they made in the past, which remains in one, or both parties, to influence the present. They do not need to be in contact now and they do not need to be close by. These cords can be positive or negative in their effects and transcend both time and space. I'm sure that last statement will put some people off, but please bear with me, as, if you look at this language metaphorically, you will make some sense of it too.
The Cord Cutting Technique CD
Think for a moment of a painful time in your childhood when you were at the losing end of someone else's bad energy. How about another incident involving the school bully, or exam time, or the end of school party when you ended up crying. Now think of the loves you gained and lost during your teenage years, and the pain they caused. Then when you became an adult, think of different times when you were hurt by someone, physically or emotionally. Think of the loves you have had, and the pain of disappointments and break-ups, the friends who have let you down. The back stabbing and bullying of the workplace, or family arguments and issues that have caused great voids to have formed in those who should be closest to you.
I bring this to your attention, not to upset you, but to demonstrate that however you believe it to be true, you are connected to your past in a very profound way, through the relationships you have had, through the experiences you have been involved with and the feelings you have attached to them.

We call these connections, Cords of Attachment, or more correctly, Negative Cords of Attachment.

How you live your life now is directly influenced by what happened to you back then, and the beliefs that were downloaded to your unconscious have taken root and dictate how you respond to stimuli right now in your everyday life. Good or bad. Your unconscious mind dictates 99% of your behaviour, and your conscious mind 1%. In a battle over your right to consciously make a new choice, who do you think will win? That's right, your talent for automatic unconscious decision making will win every time. So, for that reason, to make permanent, reliable changes, you need to access the part of the mind that resists change and show the stored memories there is a better way, a more positive way to live.

Cutting negative cords of attachment to other people is the best, most effective way to make your life better. But it is a skill, just like any other, and learning what negative thoughts and emotions to cut from is a worthwhile skill to acquire. You are not left alone to tackle this unaided, the other pages of this site will help you decide what it is appropriate to decord from, and the CD has special step-by-step instructions for you to follow. So don't feel afraid this all sounds to complicated, it is anything but difficult, and the benefits are immense.

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality and quantity of cords you are willing to cut.

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